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Here's a selection of our best selling Sensitive Skin products to check out at a glance.

Super Sensitive Anytime Moisturiser


As someone with super dry, sensitive skin and having struggled with eczema for a long time, this is hands down the best moisturiser I have ever used.


Love Your Products

Feel very natural and harmonious with my sensitive skin


Eczema sufferer

Best moisturiser I have ever used. I saw super quick results and since using it for a couple of months my eczema has disappeared. My skin is so much better!!


Great Product

I have dermatitis on my face. Using these products I noticed a difference within a week! My face is not so dry and the flakiness has decreased dramatically.


My skin was flaring due to my Lupus and someone bought this for me as a gift, now there is no going back to my shop bought moisturiser. Love love love it, thank you Devine Oils



I love this so much I’m buying it for my friends


Love this Moisturiser

I think this has to be one of the most pleasant moisturisers I’ve ever used-it’s light almost like a creme gel, it has a natural pleasant fragrance and it’s super hydrating.


Love this Product

Feels great when I put it on and my skin just soaks up the goodness beautifully and I don't need to use much.


Happy Customer

Love this product. I’d run out and my skin was feeling it so when it arrived I was excited as was my skin 😀


Lovely Product

I find this a really lovely night treatment that is easily absorbed into my skin. I have very sensitive skin and this doesn’t react at all


Love this Product

It's super hydrating and absorbs really quickly. I no longer need to use a moisturizer at night, and this product is way more effective.


My skin is always soft in the morning

It absorbs beautifully and is so nice to apply just before bed as it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or unclean.


Beautiful soft effective Cleanser

This cleanser that a beautiful soft scent and feels amaaaazing on the skin. Clears all makeup and oily residue from the day! Gorgeous!


Super Sensitive Cleanser

Love this cleanser for my sensitive skin! Has a lovely scent and my skin feels soft and clean afterwards, not dry and stripped of all it's natural oils


Fantastic Cleanser

I've been using the Super Sensitive cleanser and my skin almost always reacts when I change products and is very season sensitive. This cleanser was superb right from the start. I had no reaction to it and in fact I found that it was much more gentle than anything I had used previously. My skin feels clean without the dryness of normal cleansers. I would highly recommend this product


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Louise Devine - Founder & maker of all products