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Neroli.  Worth the wait 5* Sensitive Night Moisturiser

I used this gorgeous cream ages ago and decided to switch to it once I had used up all my other stuff in my bathroom cabinet. The switch took a while, but I was so delighted to get back to using the BEST product! It is so nourishing and delicious to [...]


M Archer Lovely 5* Repairing Serum Oily Congested 

Love this product so much! Has helped reduce the amount of acne and blemishes on my skin, and leaves it feeling smooth and healthy!


Nikola Mature Pore Minimiser Serum & Twilight Enrichment Oil

Feedback by Email

I absolutely love the serum and oil products I purchased at the market. I did start to use them from the first day I got them. My skin feels smooth, glowing, moisturised and it doesn’t make my skin oily at all. I even like the eye serum sample that you gave me to try. 

I will definitely purchase the products again once I’m run out of them 😊

Helena Parker  Super Sensitive Cleanser & Sensitive Open Pore Serum

Feedback by Email

I purchased the sensitive skin cleanser and pore minimiser at the vegan market in Sydney just before Christmas.

Firstly, the two products to use are really nice. The cleaner especially is my favourite as afterwards my skin feels really soft and calm. And my pores are quite clean. I usually would use the product twice if I were wearing makeup. The pore minimiser is also nice, although I think I prefer the cleanser more and would definitely repurchase it. The pore one left my skin also feeling calm and not too oily. I felt like a saw a change in my skin after a few days of using it- I ant quite remember at this time because I only bought sample sizes, but I feel like the redness was reduced and more pores were cleaner overall.

At the market, I was served by the owner and another lady and it was actually a lovely experience. We were chatting together and I asked them about how they started the company. She also told me the best skincare range for my skin, which was the sensitive range. This helped a lot because I never thought my skin was sensitive, but the products she recommended really helped my skin a lot. 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Devine Oils, products and experience. Most of all, I love that the products are vegan, cruelty free and handmade in Sydney. I think it’s good to support local small businesses. 

Wonderful light-weight repairing serum OILY SKIN

I love using my new repairing serum both in the morning and in the evening after I clean my face, it smells nice, it's very light-weight and quickly absorbed, doesn't leave any heavy layer like other serums and I feel like it's actually working even though I started using it only about 3 weeks ago. Highly recommended :)
Love the repairing night treatment, in the morning my face feels soft and rejuvenated! Shipping was quick and packaging was super cute! Love the products and will definitely be shopping again!
I also used heavy moisturizers before as my skin is dry. This night oil has totally changed my skincare regime. It's super hydrating and absorbs really quickly. I now longer need to use a moisturizer at night, and this product is way more effective. Thanks Devine Oils, love this product.

Deb 5* Pore Minimising Serum

I have been buying this serum for the last 3 years and I have to say it is fantastic I just love it .All the products are fantastic but this is my favourite

Organic Goodness SUNBURN SOOTHER

Wow what a blend, this is packed full of so much Organic Goodness & comes in a glass bottle which i love. This blend is like a thick gel on your skin and it soaks in really well. I actually love the nutty scent as well. Really helps calm down the skin & love it is all natural with no nasties.

Tradies Hand Cream

Amazing, best product for dry hands. My husband loves it.

Fantastic products

Do what they say on the label
I have very dry and sensitive skin so have stuck to the same brand of skin care for 20+ years so when I was given some Devine Oils Super Sensitive Palm Oil Free Cream Cleanser and Super Sensitive Repairing Moisturiser I was eager to try it. 
I used the cleanser then removed it with a damp cotton wool pad and WOW it was amazing. It removed all of my makeup including a double layer of mascara. It left my skin beautifully soft and no reaction from my eyes either (which other cleansers do). 

It was then the turn of the night moisturiser. It has the most beautiful light mouse texture and a super relaxing indulgent smell. My skin just soaked it up and was completely absorbed unlike other moisturisers that remain on the surface of the skin. 
I would recommend these products every time, I am a complete convert. 
I have also been using the Hands Elbows Knees Light Cream and Tradies Hand Cream and my nail technician said she has never seen my hands and cuticles in such good condition and she has been looking after my nails for 15+ years! 
I cannot recommend these products highly enough 5 stars doesn’t do them justice

Fiona 4* Tradies Hand Cream

My husband is a concretor. His hands have softened and the cracks are healing very well only after 10 days use

Nicole 5* Soothing Eye Serum

Beautiful product that is great for the eye area. Great quality.

Melissa 5* Super Sensitive Repairing Moisturiser

Thank you Louise for recommending this product as well as the Super Sensitive Cleanser! After giving birth I started to get dermatitis on my face - lots of dry and flaky skin and patches of red. I had stopped using my usual products and started using an all natural cleanser and organic coconut oil, this was soothing however my dermatitis did not go away. After the use of Devine Oils products I noticed a difference within a week or two! My face did not feel so dry and the flakiness had decreased dramatically. It has now been a few months and I can safely say Devine Oils has kept my dermatitis at bay! Thank you again, Louise!

Beyondmumlife 5* Super Sensitive Cleanser

Love this cleanser for my sensitive skin! Has a lovely scent and my skin feels soft and clean afterwards, not dry and stripped of all it's natural oils. My skin has always reacted to new products even when they claim to be for sensitive skin types, but my skin loves this cleanser. Highly recommend

Happy Joints 5*

My joints have loved this, I have been rubbing on every night now for 3 weeks. I look forward to it, it gives my joints a lovely cooling effect and help my muscles to relax. Very happy with this product and will be back for more.

Amazing for sensitive skin!

Love this cleanser for my sensitive skin! Has a lovely scent and my skin feels soft and clean afterwards, not dry and stripped of all it's natural oils. My skin has always reacted to new products even when they claim to be for sensitive skin types, but my skin loves this cleanser. Highly recommend.

Perfect for under makeup 5*

I LOVE this cream. I've been using it every morning before applying makeup. I have super dry skin and it's nourishing enough to combat the dryness but light enough for use under makeup. Perfect day cream for me!

Moisturiser Nourish & Repair

I think this has to be one of the most pleasant moisturisers I’ve ever used-it’s light almost like a creme gel, it has a natural pleasant fragrance and it’s super hydrating. Love this moisturiser

Anytime Moisturiser Oily Skin

Love this product and range. My skin feels so nourished and smooth. I can see a huge difference now to before. No more dry skin in winter. I thoroughly recommend this product.

Indeed blessed with all the aloe goodness minus the dryness!

If you have ever used Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant you would know the product has Aloe Vera in it. Heaps of it! Been using it for like 3 weeks now and loving it. It definitely has all the goodness of Aloe Vera minus its drying properties. (If you have a dry skin like I do) - you would know what I mean. Aloe Vera is highly recommended for skin tightening but people who have dry skin often find using aloe gel a bit problematic for the same reason. At least that is a bit annoying for me. Hence, I was convinced once I felt the texture of this soothing eye serum that I would witness some stretchiness but that is not the case really. Blessed with some other awesome ingredients it indeed does everything it claims to do. Loving it by far.

Totally digging this elixir!

I feel deeply about organic skincare brands and hence keep experimenting with them. Being blessed with super dry skin I often find it hard to find good organic skincare products that truly nourish my skin and are easy on the pocket. This one, however, is a blessing. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now and I clearly see a difference. My skin not only feels nourished, it actually appears smoother than it was! Another major plus is that it is easy on the pocket too, which I feel is another reason many people stay away from organic skincare brands - because of the costs associated with them. I have been using it consistently for 3 weeks and I have only used 1/3rd of this magic elixir! Just 2 small drops are enough and it works its magic. Very happy with the product and would totally recommend it. Hope it works its magic for everyone as nicely it worked for me!

Devine' 5* Night Oil Nourish & Repair - Sensitive Skin 

Love this range... smells amazing, comforts and hydrates my skin, no nasties. What more can I ask for.

Fantastic cleaner Super Sensitive Palm Oil Free Cleanser 5*

I've been using the Super Sensitive cleanser for 6 months now. My skin almost always reacts when I change products and is very season sensitive. This cleanser was superb right from the start. I had no reaction to it and in fact I found that it was much more gentle than anything I had used previously. My skin feels clean without the dryness of normal cleansers. I would highly recommend this product

Product was for my friend

Product was for my friend who had a dry faceand didn’t want to put chemicals on her skin during pregnancy. She loves it! And I was so stoked to see a complimentary eye cream in the box for me! It’s gorgeous and has mad such a big difference to my skin. It’s softer and brighter.

My favourite moisturiser

Love this product and already have my family members using it. Within a month it improved my skin so much less breakouts, smoother skin and more even tone. Love it!

Juanita H Sensitive Skin Treatment Pack 5*

Truely Devine Range.  This skincare range totally lives up to it’s name. Every product I have tried has been perfect. I love it comes in glass, vegan, organic and made to order. How much better can you get than that. So much love and care has been put into this skincare. Great work

Felicity 5* Tradies Hand Cream

Best Hand Cream ‘Hands down’ 😊

I’m about to buy another two of this Tradies Hand Cream making it the firth jar. Well worth the money!!! My man has shocking hands they are like sand paper. He saw a dermatologist years ago who said he had ‘thick skin’ and there is not much can be do [...]

Sophia  5* Palm Oil Free Oily/Teenage Cream Cleanser

Incredible cleanser!

The cleanser has a strong cleansing scent. Initially, I thought it was tea tree that gave it that cleanse feeling but I think it's the Lavender that makes feel like it's getting deep into the pores. 

It is very easy to spread and washes off very easily. After I massage it on to my skin I leave it on for about a minute as a mini mask session and my skin feels so clean but not squeaky clean. Great second cleanse if you like to do a first cleanse with micellar water or cleansing oil. 

My skin is oily and needs something that can really get through and wash all the dirt off my skin, especially when I am using it at night and removing my SPF moisturiser. 
Amazing cleanser! 

Sophia -  5* Repairing Night Treatment

I highly recommend this treatment

I have used this for about 2 weeks at night and really enjoy it. I apply this after the Devine Rose Toner step and doesn't give that barrier some facial oils give, as long as you don't apply too much! Yes, I am speaking from experience, I accidentally applied way too much and did it as the last step in my routine and it didn't absorb as quickly. It took me awhile before I was able to go to sleep and wait to get it into my skin so it wouldn't wipe off my pillowcase. 

But that was all user error since doing it the first time I've changed when I use this (after my toner step and not as the final step after applying my moisturiser) and how much I use. When I wake up the following day my skin looks much clearer. 

Sophia - 5* Anytime Moisturiser Oily Skin

AWESOME, AWESOME moisturiser!!

This has quickly become one of my absolute favourite moisturisers I can completely depend on to protect my skin and seal it off after I have applied all my other precious products. It's not greasy, very lightweight and easy to apply before I apply an SPF moisturiser when using during my morning routine. I love to apply layers and layers of skincare products but sometimes I just want to do a quick routine. This works and feels lovely on the skin regardless of using lots of layers or just a basic routine. 

I recommend this moisturiser and will be keen to see how it goes to use during winter when my skin needs more moisture. 
I have very oily, acne prone skin and am in my mid 30s.

Sophia -  5* Repairing Serum Oily/Teenage

I tried this serum and it's amazing! It's so lightweight and absorbs into the skin so easily without leaving a heavy feeling. I've used it twice a day, in the am and pm routine and it's very comfortable on my skin along with the other products I used from Devine Oils. 
I have oily, acne prone skin, in my mid 30s and still get breakouts. I have hormonal acne so breakouts will probably still be an issue when I get my 40s - not that I'm hoping to get there anytime soon!

Ilks  5* Open Pore Serum

Just amazing! I have tried so many serums, spent so much money on expensive brands, treatments etc. for my very sensitive skin! Finally found something that not only closes pores but makes my skin look amazing!! Had so many people complemented me this last few weeks!! Thank you so much Devine oils! 

Jorja  5* Oily/Teenage Cream Cleanser

I am loving this cleanser so far! My skin doesn't look so red and irritated and feels so soft!

Kirsty  5*  4 piece Gift Set

Devine Oils are what they say they are! Often you buy products that make you believe that the ingredients are natural with no little devils added - but you soon find out that they have just coded the ingredient another way. Devine Oils are just what they say they are and are beautiful on the skin, and have no added nasties. They are all made to order too. They are all great products

5* Soothing Eye Serum

This product is amazing ! By far the best eye serum I have used. It is non greasy and removed all puffiness from under my eyes in a couple of days.

 Excellent product and value.

Totally in awe of the products, love them. I'm close to 50 The Cleanser in the shower goes a long way, great value. The serum the same and in a excellent application bottle. A lot of products that are in the serum and in a squeeze lid bottle and you lose so much product. The service the products are fabulous.

 Stunning results for a medical problem.

As a sufferer of a rare histamine illness called Urticaria, I am always desperate to find anything that will ease the terrible itching and discomfort I suffer. During a severe attack I used an oil treatment created by Louise at Devine Oils. The reaction was amazing. The oils cooled my skin and stopped the itching immediately. I make sure I have a bottle with me now at all times

Tradie hand cream

This cream has been so good for my husbands hands which have many cracks and are very dry from working outside. His hands are now much softer and the cracks are beginning to heal. We started with a trial size and have purchased the full size because it has been so good! Plus it smells so nice!

I ordered a trial size of this oil and found it so nice that I have just purchased a full size. It absorbs beautifully and is so nice to apply just before bed as it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or unclean. My skin is always nice and soft in the morning! I will definitely continue to purchase this product! Louise is amazing to deal with and the heavy glass bottle packaging is so nice!

Fantastic service

Wonderful customer service, Louise has been very helpful and I really appreciate the free samples she adds to each order. The products are lovely and packaged so nicely! You can really tell Louise takes pride in what she creates. I have been recommending Devine Oils to all my friends!

Tradies hand cream

This cream has done wonders for my boyfriend's dry, cracked and split hands. 

Doesn't have that greasy feeling. Would definitely buy it again.

 5* Twilight Enrichment Treatment Regenerate & Repair

This is one of my favourite all time beauty products. I have been using it for a couple of months now and have seen a big improvement in my skin. Used with Devine oils Pore Minimiser my skin feels amazing.

 Excellent for minimising pores

 Open Pore Serum Nourish & Repair

Excellent product for tightening pores. Feels fresh and clean on my skin, no burning or harsh feeling. Just reduced pores and smoother looking skin. Love it and highly recommend!

 5* Clean & gentle - Cleanser

Love this new cleanser. Using it day and night and not finding it drying at all. Smells, nice, not too rich. Also love that it comes in a big size, so I have enough to last me for a while. Yet another Devine oils product I'm glad I discovered!

'Sexy neck'

Love this cream for its magic ❤️

Moisturiser Nourish & Repair - Sensitive

Love this product! Feels great when I put it on and my skin just soaks up the goodness beautifully and I don't need to use much.

Fantastic product for my very tender burnt skin during radiation treatment.

 5* Perfect hydration Super Sensitive Moisturiser

I have not used a moisturiser without a hydrating serum for a long time. I no longer need to buy an additional product to feel hydrated. And it does not look or make me greasy! Love it.

 5* Love, love, love  Night Moisturiser What a great product.

The smell is just beautiful, and it feels great on my skin. I'm looking forward to seeing the results after using this range for a while.

 5* Love these products 50+ Range

There is something in these products that my skin just loves! Ive got a glow i didn't have before! Thanks Devine Oils! Highly recommend.

5* Best EVER! Open Pore Serum Detox & Repair

Best service I've EVER had from start to finish. Louise's customer service is fabulous. The product is pretty good too! I can't recommend Devine Oils highly enough.

5* Love the day and night oil

Both the day and night oil sink beautifully into the skin and I'm loving the feel of it over the cold and dry winter

Just brilliant - Sexy Neck & Cleavage Cream

No more creapy neck and decolletage for me. The cream nourishes but is not greasy.

Beautiful Products

I have noticed after a week of using the twilight night oil, sexy neck, cleanser and the Pore Minimiser a difference to my skin texture, it is smoother and glowing. I'm looking forward to trying more products from Devine Oils.

5* Thanks Devine Oils

Enjoying my moisturiser and Argan oil, I have a less dry, a great glow and friends are noticing.

Organic oil's obsession :)

I've tried everything for my large pores and this actually works!! Great product. Once you start you can't stop!! I now use the cute cuticles, cream cleanser, pore serum minimiser and the day and night oil. I received the Rosewater toner as a gift which is simply beautiful and is next on my list :) 

5* Devine Oils - Delicious

I am really enjoying using my samples which arrived in the post in perfect condition. The regenerate & repair serum is nice, but my favourite is the nourish & repair night oil which has the most subtle yet gorgeous fragrance. The regenerate & repair cream cleanser smells gorgeous and made my skin feel delicious. Coming back for more.

 5* Lovely Products!

Thank you for the lovely high quality products. The cleanser was definitely my favourite. It left my skin clean, fresh and moisturised. Would highly recommend to anyone.

 5* Happy!

These products go on super smooth and sink straight in, leaving my skin lovely and nourished.

 5*  devine skin oils sample size

I love Devine Skin oils. I will be reordering when my trial sizes run out. I struggled with dry but oils sking & large pores, Devine Oils has helped with maintaining healthy & beautiful skin.
My face looks & feels great. It feels good to know that they're are no nasties in my skin care!

5* Pore Minimiser Regenerate & Repair 

Over the years I have tried similar products in most cosmetic brands and the Devine Oils Pore Minimiser is by far the best. It beings working immediately, I use it daily. Outstanding product !

 5*  Beautiful gentle skincare for sensitive skin

Louise made me a batch of beautiful moisturiser for my hyper sensitive skin whilst undergoing chemotherapy. My skin has soaked it up and it is very soothing. Beautiful packaging too.

 5* Love this product

Wow, I was super impressed by these products. Especially loved the cleanser and the night oil. I could smell those pure essential oils and my skin lapped it up! And the products smell and feel high end without the price tag. I did not realise how dry and sallow my skin had become over the chillier weather lately, until I used the night oil nourish and repair, next day my skin really felt moist hydrated and fresh. Thank you so much for this lovely (and truly organic) range. I haven't tried the pore minimiser serum yet but can't wait!

 5* This moisturiser is the best

This moisturiser is the best ever! I have really sensitive skin and dermatitis. This is the only moisturiser that I have been able to use without a bad reaction.

5* Great natural product - Teange Range

I ordered this for my partner, being male he doesn’t care too much about what he puts on his face but recently he has started to get out breaks so I ordered some of the teenage collection for him to see how it would go. So far his skin has been improving and he likes it.

5* My skin is singing!

I can't believe how amazing these miracle concoctions felt once I started using them daily! The feeling, the smells and how my skin just drank them up made me realise I have been missing this level of quality in my facial products. Cant wait to order my full sized miracle concoctions. The night oil is heavenly! New customer here!

5* Great serum

This one feels just like how a serum should feel like. It absolutely glides over the face and I'm really happy with it. Will definitely purchase again. 

Not only is the sweet fennel aroma soothing, the serum is so nourishing and feels amazing on my skin. I've been looking for a light serum to treat my sensitive skin and this definitely fit the bill. Looking forward to adding it permanently to my beauty regime.

5* Great products and service.

I received personalised recommendations based on my skin type and I have to say they are some of the best products I have used. I struggle with foaming cleansers drying out my skin and cream cleansers never properly removing my make up. Devine oil's cleanser solved all these problems - brilliant cleanse that leaves my skin feeling wonderful. The pore serum and other products I have used are all lovely on the skin, smell nice and have improved my skin. I will be re-ordering. Thank you! :)

 5* Love, love, love!

Thank you so much for the trial sizes, I have been thoroughly impressed and will be putting through an order as soon as possible. I've been in a skincare rut and am thrilled to find a new Australian brand that delivers immediate results for a "mature" skin. The night oil is particularly lovely - both in its smell and the way it absorbs into the skin.

 5* Amazing!!!!

Beautiful products, the oils didn't sit on top of my skin like others have in the past, they soaked in and have definitely helped my with very dry skin, no more flakes :) my favourite products are the pore serum and the night oil. Just beautiful. Thank you!

5* Excellent quality

The quality and feel are great and my skin feels wonderful. No breakout issues, no oily skin. All the products smell wonderful and are not overpowering. They are divine!

5* Beautiful Products

I really love the detox and repair range by Divine Oils. It's hard to find an organic product that feels luxurious, smells beautiful, but that also improves the look and feel of your skin. These products tick all of the boxes, and come packaged in simple elegant bottles as an added bonus. Highly recommend sampling!

  4* Great products!

These products have left my skin feeling very nourished and loved!

Verified Buyer  An amazing Australian made skincare brand. 5*

I have had beautiful results using the Devine Oils products. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh and revived. The serum and oils are easily absorbed into the skin leaving my skin hydrated rather than oily. I will definitely be making a regular purchase from Devine Oils. Thanks so much Sam x

Excellent quality 5*

The quality and feel are great and my skin feels wonderful. No breakout issues, no oily skin. All the products smell wonderful and are not overpowering. They are divine!

Smell divine 5*

Lovely products and non greasy

Organic Skincare Trial Sizes 5*

These are lovely, they have a beautiful scent, feel incredibly rich and luxe on the skin. I particularly like the pore serum - my pores appear smaller and my skin is smoother.

Shaving Oil 5*

I love the shaving oil. Very smooth shave and unlike most products leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized.  Will order again. Thanks

 Elizabeth Pistone   5*
Amazing! The creams smell absolutely beautiful, as a migraine sufferer the scent is so soft and refreshing. My face is loving the new no nasties cream.

5 star Teenage Range - 

Absolutely love the Teenage range! Honestly has changed my life and my skin. My skin is so much more clear and radiant and I now have the confidence to go makeup free.

5 star Shaving Oil  Best shave ever - Nigel  

I had never used an oil for shaving before previously using foams and gels. Having used Devine Oils shaving oil I will never go back. It gives the smoothest, closest shave even on beards. Before using Devine oils shaving oil I occasionally experienced sensitive rashes and nicks but I no longer do.  

5 star 

I have been using devineoils for approximately six months now, and am thrilled with how my skin feels. The cream cleanser cleans leaving my skin feeling soft and resilient, and I follow it with the serum and moisturiser, which nourish and give my skin a beautiful glow. Thank you Louise for creating your Devine oils, I am hooked!! 

5 star Deborah Thacker 

I luv the night repair serum for open pores and tightens the skin while looking after pigmentation makes my skin look amazing .I also luv the Private Blend oils one for a happy day the smell is gorgeous and the sleep easy both amazing I just luv these products there are NO NASTIES and they are NOT tested on animals got my vote. 


I absolutely love this skin care range. I've been using the Open pore serum and Nourish and repair night oil. I have very sensitive skin and these products have been the best I've ever used. They smell so wonderful and feel great. My skin has improved and feels so soft. I'm so pleased to have found something I can happily use everyday. 

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