Happy Oils for Life

Beautiful Jasmine Essential Oil. Known as 'The Queen of the Night' with its aroma at it's strongest when the moon has risen.
A tiny flower that opens in the early morning, with each hour passing losing it's potency. When picked for essential oil extraction blooms are gathered early morning before fully open for maximum benefit. The oil extracted is non-photo toxic so safe to be used on the skin in the sun. Also non-irritating and non-sensitising making this beneficial oil generally very safe to use.
Jasmine has been used for centuries to lift the spirits when depression and anxiety is apparent. It can affect the mind subtly and included within a formula in small doses to lift a mood.
This tiny white flower has many uses across the body, and in skincare it is incorporated with formulas for Sensitive skin and when the need for hydration is required.
Jasmine - The first in our Happy Oils Series.
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Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil and never use neat.

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