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'I am loving this business and Louise’s products so far
and can’t wait to try out a few more!'
Since my third trimester of pregnancy and beyond my skin has been in turmoil, and I have suffered mild to severe sensitivity, dryness, tightening and what seems like symptoms of self diagnosed rosacea.

Before this time in my life my skin was of the ‘oily’ type and prone to breakouts – depending on what type of products I was using, from my cleanser and moisturiser to what I was using in my make up routine. This proneness to breakouts still haunts me from time to time, although I don’t wear make up as often as I used to and have discovered a more natural mineral makeup that is kinder to my skin which is certainly helping.

I’ve tried many things to help my sensitive skin, like cutting certain foods from my diet and even making my own skin care products. All of which gave me pretty average results (nothing to call home about anyway!).

I discovered Devine Oils on Instagram and after thoroughly reading the ingredients list, wanted to give their Super Sensitive skincare range a try. I have tried and tested a few natural, sensitive skin cleansers and moisturisers previously but found I still suffered from one or more of the symptoms I’ve mentioned.

Let me just say that I’ve not been on the lookout for some miracle cream that turns back time or a company that assures me I will wake up ever morning glowing like an over-the-moon pregnant woman (although my colleague did say he thought I was 25 – ladies, you know how I’m feeling about this since hitting the big 3-0, am I right?). I just wanted to find products that would soothe my redness and something that doesn’t cause my skin to ‘flare up’.

I have been using Devine Oils Super Sensitive skincare range for over a month now and from day one I have been really happy with all of these products. My favourite is definitely the Super Sensitive Palm Oil Free Cream Cleanser. This has such a beautiful, natural scent and my skin feels so soft and clean after each use and doesn’t feel ‘stripped’ and dried out.

The Super Sensitive Repairing Moisturiser is thick and nourishing yet doesn’t break me out or make me feel ‘clammy’. I use this day and night and my mineral makeup loves it when I put it on just beforehand in the AM. My skin feels hydrated and soothed before I go to bed and doesn’t feel tight and dry during the day (ladies, if your skin noticeably feels like this I recommend changing your foundation!).

The Super Sensitive Repairing Serum is a ‘so so’ for me. Although it has a pleasant smell the consistency as a little weird and sticky. In saying this, I have used this under my make up too and it’s better than many primers I have tried (again, most of these clog my pores and make me break out). I haven’t noticed a difference in minimising my pores however it does help with hydration. This is just my personal preference – I am definitely and oil girl so I once I run out of the serum I am going to purchase the Night Oil as I think I would favour this over a serum.

Now, some of you may be looking a the price tag and thinking these products are a little in the higher price range – retailing up to around $150 for a whole skincare routine (cleanser, serum/oil, moisturiser). However, as I mentioned I have had these products for over a month now and I have used maybe 1/5 of each, which equates to enough product for about 4-5 months! I would say that is certainly good value for the quality you get.

A few other positive notes – all products are Vegan, Palm Oil free and nothing is ever tested on animals. All products are made to order (on that day!) so your ingredients can be as fresh and effective as possible. They have a whole range of products to suit many skin types, including oily teenager skin to normal and mature skin types. You can also find body oils, hand cream, body washes and even a natural product for soothing sunburn!

I am loving this business and Louise’s products so far and can’t wait to try out a few more!

Devine Oils - Super Sensitive Skincare Range

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