The Wonders of Neroli

Our Series of Happy Oils continues.
Neroli - Citrus aurantium var. amara heralds from the warm countries of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Often mistaken as a photo toxic oil due to its relationship with oranges, this multi layered oil is suitable for the most sensitive of irritated skin especially when redness is presenting. 
The oil is extracted from the white flowers and not the fruit creating an aromatic platform for healing not only skin but also a depressed state of mind.
Cultivated from the 10th century in the Mediterranean and named after the Italian Princess of Nerola in the 17th century due to her continued application in her gloves. It is considered wearing perfumes blended with Neroli is thought to uplift the wearer and so create a happier aura. 
Enjoy Neroli blended in correct dilutions with a carrier oil and never apply directly to the skin.


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